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More visitors who actually book

PANGAEA Internet Marketing examined the booking process on the Center Parcs website from beginning to end and wrote an extensive report with specific advice. All websites are intended to attract visitors. If the subsequent goal is to sell a product, the website needs to convert visitors into customers. PANGAEA has specialized in this conversion process.

End-2-end monitoring
PANGAEA performed a detailed analysis of the booking process on the Center Parcs website. The resulting advice demonstrated clearly at which stage the Center Parks booking process lost most of its prospects. PANGAEA described many practical opportunities for improvement in a constructive report. As a result, the new online booking process is more attractive, effective and hence more successful. PANGAEA’s advice was even taken on board by the management at Pierre & Vacances, the umbrella organization behind Center Parcs, and one of the largest organizations in the European tourism industry.

In addition, PANGAEA has improved Center Parcs’ search engine rankings in Germany. Thanks to PANGAEA’s search engine optimization experts, the website ranks high in the search results, which means that website visitors are more likely to find the information they are searching for.

PANGAEA Consultancy
Do you want to know for sure that potential customers find your website, are converted into paying customers and keep visiting your website in future? Please feel free to contact one of our experts to discuss your internet strategy.